Upskill with Edtech

Distance Learning in Adult Education

May 18, 2020 SkillRise Season 2 Episode 3
Upskill with Edtech
Distance Learning in Adult Education
Show Notes

On today’s episode of Upskill With Edtech, we speak with Joey Lehrman, Lea Downing, Tiffany Thomas and Daffiny Peters. Joey, Lea and Tiffany worked together to create a distance learning program at Delgado Community College which has now scaled to serve over 1,500 students annually across 15 partner agencies throughout Louisiana. The group then gets the chance to speak with Daffiny, a current student in the distance learning program.

This conversation ranges from how the program was started, to developing curriculum, to scaling, to the importance of distance learning, the student experience and much more.

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  • 2:55 Lea talks about what Delgado community college is and what sets it apart. 
  • 3:36 Tiffany goes deep on why they created a distance learning program
  • 4:37 Joey discusses the growth of their distance learning program and how it scaled from a community college to a statewide offering. 
  • 6:49 Joey discusses curating information, curriculum and more.
  • 8:00 Joey discusses adopting a learning management system (LMS) and the benefits that they’ve found with Google Classroom as an adult learning LMS. 
  • 11:05 Lea goes long on curriculum development, using standards as guides and meeting student needs.
  • 15:52 Tiffany talks about the student experience, how to ensure success with distance learning and speaks with Daffiny, a current student.
  • 19:12 Tiffany interviews Daffiny about her experience as a student.
  • 22:33 Tiffany discusses supporting staff in the transition to digital.
  • 23:55 Lea talks about the importance of being a role model and demonstrating resiliency.
  • 26:38 Joey discusses mindsets and his optimism about colleagues rising to the occasion. 
  • 27:40 Lea talks about living in an era of uncertainty, the search for best practices
  • 28:52 Tiffany talks about the importance of support for your staff, learning and the program. 
  • 29:35 Daffiny discusses the importance of perseverance.